Hezbollah offensive in Qalamoun protects Assad, not Lebanon: Hariri

May 05, 2015

Lebanon‬, 05-05-2015: Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri attacked Hezbollah Tuesday over its preparations for an anticipated large-scale battle in Syria's Qalamoun region against Nusra-led rebels, saying the fight is meant to protect the Syrian government, and not Lebanon.

“Media channels and some leaders in Lebanon have been ringing the bells for the Qalamoun hills battle, while the Syrian regime is silent,” Hariri said in a statement released by his media office.

“It is as if someone is trying to say that the anticipated battle is a Lebanese one on Syrian land, always under the pretext of a preemptive war on terrorist groups.”

Hariri said Hezbollah was “using the Lebanese borders” to wage a war that “only serves to protect the western wing of [President] Bashar Assad in light of the regime’s recent military defeats in many Syrian areas.”

In a series of questions directed to Hezbollah, Hariri wondered what the battle would have in repercussions on Lebanon.

“Who can guarantee the safety of the captive Lebanese servicemen held by ISIS and Nusra if a Lebanese party participates in the battle?” he asked, hours after Nusra released a video warning that the hostages will "pay the price" for any Hezbollah offensive in Qalamoun.

Report from Daily Star (Lebanon): https://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2015/May-05/296891-hezbol...